Pierre Lurne, founder and head designer of Audiomeca, has been designing and building analogue products for nearly 40 years. During that time he has published many papers in the technical press and applied this knowledge to a range of commercially realised turntables and arms, and more recently digital products, all released to critical acclaim. His design/manufacturing portfolio includes arms and turntables for the likes of Goldmund, Jadis and Vecteur as well as several for Audiomeca, most recently the Romance/Romeo and the awesome J1/SL5.

Now he has put that unmatched experience into the design of two very special products - the Belladonna turntable and Septum pick-up arm. Both are uniquely Lurne - no me-too or copycat designs - here Pierre Lurne has applied unique solutions to the problems involved in getting music from vinyl.

Primarily Belladonna and Septum are the ultimate expressions of Pierre Lurne's Pure Mass Concept, a fundamental engineering concept. It pervades every aspect of their design and in every case it brings huge advantages.

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